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Newsletter #4

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The ME event in Hungary

On December 8th, at the Kossuth Klub in Budapest, Hungary, the YKSE partner Anthropolis organised the Hungarian Multiplier Event. The event was held in a representative city centre venue in Budapest which works as a VET education and knowledge centre, hosting several associations and collectives connected to the education field.

Most of the participants were coming from the educational sector: secondary schools, more came from secondary technical schools, and schools for students with special needs, and a part of the participants were from NGOs focusing on the youth sector.

The program started with some welcoming notes from Viktória Mihalkó, the executive manager of Anthropolis, Balázs Nagy, the leading trainer of Anthropolis after which Dávid Bán presented the YKSE project and its results in detail.

The event was mainly focused on practical activities; in fact, in the first part Anthropolis introduced the “Cooperative puzzle” activity and for all participants, this was a very useful activity.

In the second part, Anthropolis tried out some smaller, shorter activities (such as “Opinion line”) upon the request of the participants, to show them activities without the need for any additional equipment (the “Cooperative puzzle” can’t be done without any sets).

The Multiplier Event was very well evaluated regarding the activities and the project’s objectives. A lot of people are interested to see and work with the future online platform, and they see it as a real positive tool they can use.


The LTTA in Italy

In the middle of January 2023 the YKSE project partnership – composed of Asfar from the UK, Materahub from Italy, Anthropolis from Hungary and Centre for Knowledge Management from North Macedonia, met in Materahub Officine Creative venue in Matera, Italy, for a Learning, Teaching and Training Activity.

This training meeting was crucial in testing the YKSE project methodological tools and the curriculum programme aimed at fostering the soft and entrepreneurial skills of young people involved in social entrepreneurship.

Some of the soft skills required for the target group of this project were specifically tested through some very detailed and specific activities.

In the specific Asfar presented, among others, a very useful tool to evaluate all the aspects of the life of an individual, called the Wheel of Life, where the young entrepreneurs can evaluate if all the aspects if their life is balanced or not and where it is the most important to make improvements.

Then, Materahub proposed, among others, a creative tool for increasing self-awareness, which is the writing of a Bio poem; this activity leads the young entrepreneurs to be more aware of themselves, and what are the strong elements that determine their background, motivation and aspirations.

On its side, Anthropolis proposed, to experiment with the Disney creation method, which is a very effective tool to visualize and elaborate the different steps of building a project: to dream, to criticise and to implement steps for implementing a project.

In the end, the Centre for Knowledge Management proposed different activities to better understand the role of IT tools and AI issues in the building of an entrepreneurial project and their impact on our work and life.

All the activities were very appreciated, tested and shared between the educators, youth workers and project managers and furtherly improved to finalize the YKSE platform.

In the following weeks, the partners will continue working on improving and finalizing the training course and will meet again for the YKSE final conference in London, to be held in April.

In the following weeks, the partners will continue working on improving and finalizing  the training course  and will meet again for the YKSE final conference in London, to be held in April.


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