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Newsletter #6

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The past month has been filled with exciting activities and opportunities for young people from the UK, Italy, Hungary, and North Macedonia. Let’s dive into the highlights:

Young Kreativ Coaching Journey

We are delighted to share the remarkable success of the Young Kreative Coaching Journey, organized by the YoungKreativ partnership as part of the Erasmus+ Young Kreativ Social Enterprise project. Throughout May and June, young individuals from the United Kingdom, Italy, Hungary, and North Macedonia embarked on a transformative life coaching journey facilitated by our experienced educators.

This journey has had a profound impact on their personal and professional growth, equipping them with valuable skills and empowering them to embark on their own social KreativEnterprise. During this enriching coaching process, the participants were provided with a safe and supportive environment to explore their inner selves, enhance their self-awareness, and develop vital self-management skills. They learned strategies to make informed decisions, overcome obstacles, and embrace challenges along their individual paths.

Our dedicated educators have been instrumental in guiding and mentoring the participants, ensuring that they receive personalized attention and tailored support throughout their journey. The Young Kreativ Coaching Journey has served as a transformative experience, enabling the participants to discover their passions, strengths, and potential.

It has laid a solid foundation for them to embark on their own social creative enterprise, contributing to the advancement of creative industries and social entrepreneurship. We are confident that they will continue to excel and positively influence their communities and the world at large.

The YoungKreativ Experience Online Event

On 7th June, the YoungKreativ partnership organized the YoungKreativ Online Event, where participants engaged with trainers and coaches from the UK, Hungary, Italy, and North Macedonia.

During discussions with the participants, we explored their perceptions of creative industries and social entrepreneurship.

During the event, participants had the opportunity to explore the Young Kreativ e-learning platform and discover its vast array of resources and interactive modules. These modules cover five innovative training areas designed to empower young creative social entrepreneurs: Starting a Business, Market Analysis, Organisational Structure, Service and Product Line in the digital era and Your Social Creative Business plan.

Through these interactive modules, participants gain practical knowledge, insights, and skills necessary to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape. The e-learning platform serves as a valuable resource hub, empowering young creative social entrepreneurs to develop their business acumen and thrive in the competitive world of creative industries and social entrepreneurship.

Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to the Erasmus+ Young Kreativ Social Enterprise project. It is through your collective efforts that we can empower and uplift the next generation of changemakers.


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