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Newsletter #3

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Multiplier events in Macedonia and Italy

The YKSE project arrived at an important milestone. We could present the project’s actual results to larger public first in Skopje, Macedonia and Matera, Italy in two multiplier events.

The Skopje workshop was organised by the CKM and led by Andrijana Bogdanovska, the director of the centre for 21 participants. After the welcoming speech from the director of CKM and representative from MladiHub a presentation took place about the project’s general ideas than the intellectual outputs in detail. Both IO1 – Methodological guide and toolkit Social Kreative Enterprises for Youth Workers and IO2 – Curriculum with Practitioner Guide and Modular learning programme for youth workers were presented and discussed with the participants.

During the lunch break, the participants had a chance to talk and share their experience. After each presentation there were activities from the corresponding intellectual output implemented by the junior researchers from CKM, Blagica Popovska and Stefanija Stefanoska. Also, the event was presented at the Erasmus Day celebration. The participants were very engaged as they offered their opinions on the theme of the project and they were very interested to ask questions. Overall, our participants shared that they had a mutual benefit and an enjoyable, rewarding experience. They were cohesive and effective in terms of working together in the group during the exercise. The aims of the event were met and successfully fulfilled.

Some feedbacks from the audiance: “I was most impressed by the involvement of young people in practical work, as well as the opportunity to share ideas that young people have.“; “definitely, left the biggest impression on me the practical exercises, through which the root of the subject reached me personally.“;  “I liked the most the communication between the moderator and the audience.”; “I learned the most from the interactive exercises. А great networking opportunity. Аn excellent balance of discussion, lecture and practical activities.“

In Italy, the multiplier event, organised with the support of the High School Loperfido, in Matera was included in the wider event of the Erasmus Days to discuss, share and present initiatives aiming at stimulating young people, young workers, students, educators, teachers and coaches as well as various local stakeholders to generate local innovation within the social and creative entrepreneurship.

After introducing the YKSE project, Mr Luigi Martulli (president of Materahub) presented the project goals, methodology and training curriculum (IO1 and IO2) and a laboratory was carried out. Thanks to the quality outputs developed by the partnership and the overall interesting topic and goals of the YKSE project, the participants were all engaged in two joint laboratory activities from IO1 and IO2 as practical demonstration how young people can gaining key competences to access the field of social creative entrepreneurship and foster an intercultural exchange of expertise. The relevant outcomes were shared and discussed afterwards to sum up learning results, opinions and feedback that were collected through relevant evaluation forms for the event in general.

The results were highly satisfying as the students and the young workers involved stated that the project goals and the content presented are really interesting, useful to clarify their professional objectives and provided new perspectives for their careers, current and future studies. They stated that the laboratory was important as they had the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge gained and the chance to share their impressions on the topics presented with teachers, stakeholders and policy makers during the debate widened their views on the local opportunities of careers within the social and creative enterprises.

Anthropolis will organise a similar event on 8 December in Budapest, in the Kossuth Klub for teachers, young participants and youth workers.

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