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Newsletter #5

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The YKSE partnership, as part of the Erasmus+ Young Kreativ Social Enterprise project, successfully organized the Young Kreative Conference on 18th April 2023. The event took place at Novotel London Bridge in London, bringing together youth workers, educators, CCI professionals, and broader educationalists. The conference aimed to enhance and promote creative social entrepreneurial learning among young people.

The Conference began with warm welcoming notes from Sheniz Tan, the CEO of Asfar, followed by an engaging icebreaker activity led by Emina Hasanagic, International Project Manager of Asfar. Sheniz then provided a detailed introduction of the Young Kreativ project, while David Ban from Anthropolis presented the Intellectual Output 1 – Methodological guide and toolkit for Social Kreative Enterprises targeted at youth workers. Sheniz continued by introducing Intellectual Output 2 – a Curriculum with Practitioner Guide and Modular learning program for youth workers. Finally, Emina Hasanagić showcased the e-learning platform, sparking meaningful discussions among the participants.

During the second part of the Conference, participants rolled up their sleeves and dived into an exciting practical activity, aiming to develop a business idea with a “social approach.” The room was buzzing with creativity and innovation as they brainstormed and brought their ideas to life. During the evaluation session, they started brainstorming ways to integrate these activities and others into their future work.

The Young Kreativ Conference served as a platform for youth workers, educators, and CCI professionals to come together, exchange ideas, and inspire creative social entrepreneurial learning. Through engaging presentations, interactive activities, and meaningful discussions, the conference left its attendees feeling motivated and equipped to make a positive impact on the lives of young people.

The Networking lunch provided yet another opportunity for participants to interact and share their experiences, further fostering a collaborative atmosphere. It was a chance to learn from one another and be inspired by the incredible work happening in the realm of creative social entrepreneurship.

And as a final thought, we invite you to join our e-learning platform at

By joining the Young Kreativ e-learning platform, you gain access to a wealth of resources, interactive modules, and practical guides that will equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to make a positive impact on the lives of young people.


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