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Newsletter #2

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Transnational Project Meeting in Skopje (Macedonia)

April 11th – 12th 2022

The 2nd Transnational meeting of the YKSE project was held in Skopje (Macedonia) on the 11th and the 12th of April 2022. Partners discussed about the current finalisation of the first project output and the forthcoming activities mainly related to the development of the training curriculum and the e-learning platform in the upcoming months. 



  • The partners reviewed the IO1, the Coaching Methodological guidelines for Youth Workers aiming at helping young people approach the CCI sector from an entrepreneurial point of view and by focusing on ICT tools to deliver services or products. The version presented was approved by all partners who will translate it into their own national languages.
  • Following an overview of the IO2 – the training curriculum, the partners agreed that it is crucial to develop a practical part addressing youth workers for them to develop key entrepreneurial competences and include hints and tips for the youth workers as well as learning objectives, methodology extra material and exercises. 
  • The partners discussed about the IO3 learning platform that was presented to be implemented soon and possibly to include assessment and certification tools.
  • Future events and partner responsibilities were discussed too.


  • Development of the training modules content and structure to be finalised by the beginning of autumn. 

The curriculum is going to include 5 modules with an introductory part, followed by a short theory about the targeted topics and further readings, an overview of the module’s topics, learning goals and duration, a clear design of the practical section of the module with key practical methodologies and monitoring tools.

The key topics of the modules will allow young workers to gain knowledge, skills and attitudes on how to start a business, to carry out a market analysis, to implement an effective organisational structure, to learn about digital strategies and tools and finally, to explore, plan and envision a social creative entrepreneurial idea or project.

  • Structuring and implementation of the e-learning platform hosting the training curriculum.
  • The C1 – Short-term joint staff training event – will be carried out in Italy in winter 2022.
  • The partners will organise their Multiplies Events in October 2022 to promote the project and share the main results achieved.

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