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Young digital entrepreneurs on the rise

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Digital entrepreneurship is one of the most prolific and rapid-developing branches of entrepreneurship at the moment. Due to the fact that digital and information technology have become one of the most accessible tools for business, digital entrepreneurship is seen as a relatively available venture by most people, especially young people.

Given the fact that young people, by virtue of being young, possess less resources and experience, but are usually extremely well versed in digital and information technology, digital entrepreneurship is the perfect platform for them to create and take advantage of existing entrepreneurial opportunities.

The world in general has seen a rise in the numbers of young digital entrepreneurs as young people from all walks of life turned their attention to developing their own enterprises and ventures, as opposed to sitting idly by until an opportunity comes along.
Young people are taking stock of the knowledge and skills they already possess, taking advantage of digital tools to improve and then using all of that to step into the world of digital entrepreneurship.

Digital entrepreneurship reached its peak of popularity during the world-wide COVID-19 lockdown, when most people were confined to their homes, with limited ability to work. It was during this time that young people turned to:

  • Video content creation
  • Freelancing
  • Blogging
  • Online teaching
  • Translating
  • Making and selling music
  • Coding
  • Selling items online
  • Transcribing

and many other types of digital entrepreneurship which were ways to use their skills in a productive and profitable manner.

Young people’s involvement in digital entrepreneurship is admirable for many reasons, but most of all because they did an inventory of their skillsets and knowledge they already possessed, especially in terms of digital and information technology, and found a way to put that to good use in the world of entrepreneurship.

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