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Entrepreneurship as a key solution for youth

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Article by Materahub

Today Young people are having trouble identifying the job opportunities that will give them a successful future, the key can be entrepreneurship.

For young people, entrepreneurship is a great way to create new businesses and it reduces youth unemployment. Entrepreneurship is all about the positive impact a business can have on society. The innovation behind entrepreneurship gives young people the attitude they need to face all the important challenges met today. By acquiring the appropriate knowledge on all things related to entrepreneurship and in particular social entrepreneurship, instead of looking for job opportunities, young people can start creating their own. First of all, a young person interested in social entrepreneurship should reflect on how the idea can make a positive impact on society and then find funding that can help to set it up for the business.

To be an entrepreneur is important to gain knowledge, skills, attitude and competencies, for example creative problem solving, taking initiative, communicating, reflecting, adapting, and attitudes such as curiosity, open-mindedness, proactivity, flexibility, determination, and resilience. Entrepreneurial competencies are transferable skills that help people succeed in diverse careers. They equip people to be proactive and to successfully navigate uncertainty and overcome resource constraints, all elements characteristic of businesses and organisations in the current environment.

One of the ways to gain competencies is to have work experience in business where learning on how to be flexible and deal with different tasks while using their own skills and improving other ones. Young people can also join some specific training and EU programmes to get more experience and broaden their mind. Entrepreneurship is an alternative to employment because it offers young people an avenue to monetise their ideas, talents and skills. Starting a new business is all about finding a new way to meet the current needs of a specific market.

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