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Empowering Youth Through Digital Learning

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Article by ASFAR

Young people are some of the most imaginative in our society; they are full of potential innovation and a motivation to succeed and improve society that can be fostered to be beneficial to wider communities. Unfortunately – especially as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic – young people have been increasingly disengaged with jobs and education, which prevents them from reaching their full potential. The importance of digital learning, therefore, is central to the empowerment of young people, in an age where many young people have been unable to learn in person for several months, or even years.

Digital learning is increasingly used to educate youth and adults alike, and programmes like Zoom, Google Classroom and Teams are being used within any educational institution. The significance of digital learning for young people is particularly prominent for many reasons.

1) Digital learning is important because it enables young people to be educated virtually at any time and in many circumstances. This circumvents the issue that COVID-19 had presented as a hindrance to learning for so many people. Therefore, young people can be continually effectively educated without having to worry about their health or safety.

2) Digital learning is key for young people because it will provide them with the necessary skills for their future careers. Businesses, NGOs and Services are moving more towards utilising online spaces and using online programmes to work remotely. Therefore, digital learning in their education will provide young people with the necessary skills and experience to continue using these programmes and working in these environments in the future.

3) Another way digital learning will be useful for young people, is in the quick and easy access to learning tools and educational resources. Unlike previous generations, the current youth – Gen Z for example – will be increasingly dependent on online sources of information. There are so many databases and research platforms now available that books and physical sources of information are becoming more redundant. Therefore, utilizing digital learning, online resources are an efficient way of gaining information quickly and in larger quantities.

4) Another brilliant way digital learning is helping develop young people and aiding them in their career development, is because online sources for learning are more adaptable for those who are less able to learn in traditional settings; for example, students with dyslexia. Digital tools can mitigate against issues like these and make it easier for disadvantaged students to continue learning effectively. Therefore digital learning methods allow for a more equal setting for learning and provide extra help to those who need it.

Those listed here are just a few of the reasons why digital learning is of benefit for young people, and how it can continue to hope for them as they continue into their future careers. As things move more and more online, digital learning platforms must stay up to date with these demands.

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